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SBI Junior Associates Model Paper 9 with answers for online practice

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General English

Directions (Q. No. 1-10) :
Read the followingpassage carefully and answer the questionsgiven below it. Certain words have beenprinted in bold to help you locate them whileanswering some of the questions.
Eating habits of people vary from placeto place. They differ not only based on theregion but also on various other beliefs thatthey have. Some people eat everything.Some people do not eat everything. They willnot eat some types of food because of whatthey believe or because of their religion.Who are these people? The people whochoose what they eat or do not eat because ofreligious beliefs include teetotalers, vegansand vegetarians. Teetotalers do not drink alcohol,vegans eat only food from plants anda vegetarian eats food from plants, but alsoeggs, as well as cheese, yoghurt and milkproducts. Buddhists, Jews, Hindus andMuslims choose not to eat certain foods fortheir reasons. A Buddhist does not kill anythingto eat. A Hindu does not eat beef orpork. A Jew does not eat pork or shellfish.And Jewish people do not mix milk productswith meat. They eat kosher food. A Muslimdoes not eat pork, or drink alcohol. They eathalal food.
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