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About Exam

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Exam Pattern

Microsoft Azure stands out as a premier public cloud provider today, experiencing rapid adoption by numerous organizations. The surge in Microsoft Azure clients translates to a growing demand for Azure-certified professionals, elevating the value of Azure skills in the job market.

If you're eyeing a career in the cloud domain, navigating the Azure certification path could be the perfect move. This blog delves into the intricacies of Microsoft Azure Certifications, providing a comprehensive list of certifications to pursue.

Why Opt for Microsoft Azure Certifications?

Microsoft Azure's Credibility:

Microsoft Azure is globally acknowledged as a leading and reliable cloud provider, offering ample opportunities for those holding Azure certifications. The graph below illustrates a consistent upward trend in job opportunities for certified professionals over the past few years.

Lucrative Salaries:
Professionals certified in Microsoft Azure command impressive salaries, ranging from US147,779toUS167,807 annually. Additionally, a staggering 95 percent of Fortune 500 companies leverage Microsoft Azure, further emphasizing its industry prevalence.

Exploring Microsoft Azure Certifications

Microsoft Azure provides a range of exams leading to Azure certifications, categorized into three levels:

1. Fundamental-level Certification:

Requires passing a single exam to obtain a fundamental-level certification.

2. Associate-level Certifications:

Involves clearing two associate-level exams to earn the certification.

3. Expert-level Certifications:

Demands passing two expert-level exams. While not mandatory, one can opt for the associate-level certification first before pursuing the expert-level certification.

Embark on your journey to becoming Azure-certified and position yourself at the forefront of Cloud Computing careers.