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NIACL Model Paper 4 with solutions for free online practice

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Test I

Directions (Q. 1-6):
Study the followinginformation carefully and answer the givenquestions.
Eight people - A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H aresitting around a circular table facing towardsthe centre, but not necessarily in the sameorder. All of them are at equidistant. Each oneof them teaches different subjects viz., English,Hindi, Mathematics, Biology, Psychology,Physics, Chemistry and Accounts, but notnecessarily in the same order
The person who teaches Accounts, sits thirdto the right of G. C is an immediate neighbour ofG. The person who teaches Mathematics sitssecond to the left of C. B sits third to the rightof H. H teaches neither Accounts norMathematics. Only two persons sit between Cand the person who teaches Physics. A and Fare immediate neighbours of each other. NeitherA nor F teaches Accounts. The person whoteaches English sits second to the right of A.Two persons sit between D and the person whoteaches Hindi. D does not teach accounts. Theperson who teaches Psychology is animmediate neighbour of the person who teachesAccounts. The person who teaches Physics sitssecond to the left of A. One of the immediateneighbours of G teaches Chemistry
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