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IBPS RRB Office Assistant Model Paper 12

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Directions (Qs. 1-5): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:
 P, Q, R, S, T and U are six members of a family consisting of three generations. The family consists of two pair of couples. The familyconsists of only three females. The oldest member in the family is a female and the youngest one is a male. No two persons are of the sameage.
 One day all members visit in a restaurant and sits around a circular table facing towards the centre. S sits opposite the person whooccupies the third place when their ages are considered in descending order. U is not the youngest. P is the grandfather of U and sits on theimmediate right of S, who is the father of R but not the husband of T. Persons of the same generation sits opposite to each other. Q sitsimmediate right of a female.
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Total: 80
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