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AFCAT Exam Model Paper 1 for free online practice with solutions

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Directions: Select the most appropriate word from the options
Mobile banking (M banking) involves the use of a mobile phone or any other mobile device to (1)______ financial transaction linked to a client’s account. M banking is new in most countries and most mobile payment models even in developed countries, to date operate on a (2)_______ scale. A mobile network offers a (3)______ available technology platform onto which other services can be provided at low cost with effective results. For example, M banking services which use (4)_______ such as SMS can be carried at a cost of less than one US cent per message. The low cost of using existing infrastructure makes such services more (5)________ to use by customers with lower purchasing power and opens up access to services which did not reach them earlier due to (6)______ cost of service delivery.
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