Army Group X Practice Set 4

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Directions ( Q . N o s . 1 - 4 ) Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow.
Fever in the season of dengue is sending Calcuttans scurrying to hospitals for admission, triggering a shortage of beds that has forced some private health care institutes to even postpone planned surgeries.
Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals on the Bypass had 504 patients in its care on Thursday of whom 70 had been admitted with fever. Belle Vue Clinic had 180 patients, 32 of them with dengue. Calcutta Medical Research Institute had 350 patients 60 of them with fever.
The number of people admitted for treatment of fever caused by dengue or any undiagnosed illness has been rising every day across hospitals for more than a fortnight.
‘‘There had been heavy pressure on all private hospitals for admission of dengue and cases of unknown fever since the beginning of August. Now it is a surge,” said Pradip Tandon, President of the Association of Hospitals of Eastern India. In July, four to five patients were getting admitted with fever on an average in every hospital.
The number has since ballooned with the Calcutta Municipal Corporation apparently in denial about the extent of the dengue outbreak and the Government focused on playing down the threat.
Such has been the rush of patients withfever that some hospitals are calling uppeople to postpone admissions plannedin advance,mostly for surgeries. “ Wehave told many people to come onlywhen we call them to confirm availabilityof beds,’’ said an official at Belle Vue.
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