Army Group X Practice Set 3

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Directions (Q . Nos. 1-4) Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow.

Once an ant who had come to drink at a stream fell into the water and was carried away by the swift current. She was in great danger of drowning. A dove perched on a nearby tree, saw the ant in danger and dropped a leaf into the water. The ant climbed onto this and was carried to safety.
Sometime after this a hunter, creeping through the bushes, saw the dove asleep and took careful aim with his gun. He was about to fire when the ant who was nearby, crawied forward and bit him sharply in the ankle. Thus, the hunter missed his aim and the loud noise of the gun awakened the dove from her sleep. She saw her danger and flew swiftly away to safety. Thus, the ant repaid the dove for having saved in the foaming current of the stream.
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