Army Group X Practice Set 1

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Directions (Q. Nos. 1-4) Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow.

I had seen this road many years ago when my parents moved to Mundakkottukurussi, our ancestral village. However, in those early years, I hadn’t begun exploring the countryside. I stored the unknown road in my head under ‘One Day I Will’, Ten years ago, when I recovered from a herniated disc, it was to discover that I had a useless left leg. Though I managed to lose the limp , I hated not being able to stride around as I used to, I needed a challenge to tell myself that I wasn’t going to buckle to a creature called sciatica. Thus, the ‘One Day I Will' arrived. “ Where does the road by the medical shop lead to ?” I asked my parents while visiting them next. ‘Chalavara’, they said, “ It’s not an easy road to walk on .” My father added, “ There are too many ups and downs.” Chalavara was a superior grade of a village as compared to Mundakkottukurussi with a high school, a fine library, ATMs and several shops. But it also has two approach roads. The one I had chosen was a narrow back road used by the locals and that settled it for me, I needed to know for myself I could walk a road that wasn’t going to be easy. And the next day, I would get up and walk that road again.
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