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IBPS RRB Office Assistant 23-Sep-2017 Question Paper for online practice

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Directions (1–5) : In each of the following questions, a group of numbers/symbols followed by five combinations of letters (1), (2), (3), (4) and (5), have been given. You have to find out which of the combinationscorrectly represents the group of number/symbols based on the followingcoding system and the conditions and mark that combination as youranswer.
 Number / Symbol  2  &  @  3  7  β  9  $  5  %  #  8  *  4  6
 Letter Code  S  H  M  Z  R  Q  L  D  E  A  U  P  F  K  Y

Conditions :
(I) If the sums of all the digits inthe group of elements is morethan ten, the codes for the second and the fifth elements areto be interchanged.
(II) If an odd number is immediately preceded by a symbol andimmediately followed by aneven number, then this oddnumber is to be coded as thecode for the last element.
(III) If there is no perfect square inthe group of elements, thethird element is to be coded as‘©’.
(IV) If a symbol is immediately preceded as well as immediately followed by an element, having itsletter code falling between A toM in the English alphabeticalorder, then that symbol is tobe coded as ‘B’.
(a) If more than one conditionapplies, all are to be appliedfor coding.
(b) Counting is done from leftto right.
Question : 1
Total: 80
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