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Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) 2011 Question Paper with solutions for online practice

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DIRECTIONS (Qs. 2-4) : Given questions are based on the following information:
Alex Company has its office at the third floor of a multi- storied building in Mumbai. There are 5 rooms to be allotted to 5 managers (designated M1 to M5 ), each of whom will occupy one room. Each room has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some have the sea view, while others are closer to either the lift or the dining room, while some are more spacious. Each of the five managers was asked to rank the room preferences amongst the rooms 301, 302, 303, 304 and 305. Their preferences were recorded as follows:
 Preference  M1  M2  M3  M4  M5
 1st  302  302  303  302  301
  2nd  303  304  301  305  302
 3rd  304  305  304  304  305
 4th    301  305  303  
 5th      302    
Some managers did not indicate any preference for somerooms, as they did want to be there under any condition. Thecompany decided to allot rooms to managers in such a way that,so that the managers get rooms as per their best preference orclose to that.
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