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MAT 2011 Sep Intelligence and Critical Reasoning Question Paper for online practice

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(Q. Nos. 1 to 3) Study the information below to answer these questions. Seven friends namely Anand, Deepak, Varun, Ujjawal, Pritam, Kadir and Jasmeet live in three different buildings namely Ashiana, Top-Hill and Ridge. Each person is flying a kite of his choice with a different colour like red, green, blue, white, black, yellow, and pink, not necessarily in that order.
• Kadir is flying a pink kite and lives in the same building where Jasmeet stays, i.e., ‘Ashiana’.
• Varun is flying a black kite and does not live in Ridge building.
• Ujjawal does not live in the same building where Anand or Pritam are living and is flying a Yellow coloured kite.
• Deepak lives in Ridge building with one more person and is flying a green kite.
• None living in Top-Hill building flies a white kite.
• Only two persons are staying in Ridge building while three of them are staying in Top-Hill building.
• Pritam does not fly a blue kite and stays in Top-Hill.
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