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IBPS RRB Officer Scale 1 Model Paper 14 with solutions for online practice

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Directions (Q.No.1-5): Study thefollowing information carefully and answer the questions given below.
 Eight family members Lohit,Lokesh, Lahiri,Lahir, Lekha, Laxman,Laxmi and Lavanya are sittingaround a circular table but not necessarily in the same order. Some of them are females and some of them are males. All of them are related to each other in the same way or the other. Some of them are facing the centre while some are facing outside. There are four married couple in the family.
» Only two people sit between Lokesh and Lekha, Lokesh facesthe centre. Laxman sits second tothe right of Lokesh. Lekha is the wife of Lohit. No female is animmediate neighbour of Lekha.
» Lahiri is not an immediate neighbour of Lokesh. Lahiri is the daughter of Lekha. Both the immediate neighbours of Lahiri face the centre. Only three people sit between Lohit and Lahiri's brother. Laxman is not the brother of Lahiri. NeitherLohit nor Lahiri's brother is an immediate neighbour of Laxman.
» Lavanya, wife of Lokesh sits to the immediate left of Lahir. Both Laxmi and Lohit face a direction opposite to that of Lahiri. Lahiri's husband sits second to the left of Laxmi. Lokesh's father sits to the immediate right of Lekha. Lokesh sits second to the right of Father of Lohit.
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