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AFCAT Exam Model Paper 6 for free online practice with solutions

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There is no general agreement about how the planets were formed. The most widely accepted theory is that about 5000 millions years ago swirling clouds of matter began to condense. Through the action of centrifugal force, the heavier molecules were concentrated near the centre of the eddies and the lighter, gaseous material was thrown out towards the periphery. Such is the theory. What is known is that nine satellites began orbiting round the Sun. These are the planets. The planet on which man lives is the third closest to the Sun, with the third shortest orbit. It also has something none of the others has an atmosphere that can support life in all the manifold forms that exist on our planet. There may be satellites circling other stars in other parts of the universe that have the right ingredients for some sort of life to evolve, but the Earth is the only one in the solar system
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