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AFCAT Exam Model Paper 11 for free online practice with solutions

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Directions (Q.Nos.1-4) You have one brief passage with four questions following the passage. Read the passage carefully and choose the best answer to each question out of the four alternatives.


Stammering is a habit disorder linked with lack of self-confidence. Basically, for a child to understand a language, there are four stages. The first is learning to understand the spoken language and the second is speaking. Both of these usually develop around the age of two. The third stage is speaking complex sentences, which develops at around three and the fourth is when the child recognizes the written alphabet. In 80% of children while the third and fourth stage are at play, the first two get disturbed because something new is being incorporated in the mind. This is absolutely normal. But what over cautious mothers do is fret a lot and the child develops a fear which later manifests itself as stammering. Infact, most textbooks on stammering state in bold that "Had there not been any over cautious mothers, hardly any one would have suffered from stammering". Fluency can be incorporated in the speech of such patients through hypnosis.
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