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IBPS PO Mains 2017 Question paper with solutions for online practice

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Quantitative Aptitude

Study the table and answer the given questions.
Data related to the number of employees in five different companies in December 2012
Company Total number of Employees Out of total number of employees
Percentage of Science graduates Percentage of Commerce graduates Percentage of Arts graduates
M105032 %- -
N700-31 % 40 %
O-30 %30 % -
P--40 % 20 %
Q-25 %50 % -

Note: (I) Employees of the given companies can be categorised only in three types: Science graduates, Commerce graduates and Arts graduates

(II) A few values are missing in the table (indicated). A candidate is expected to calculate the missing value, if it is required to answer the given question, on the basis of the given data and information.
Question : 1 Total : 115