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NCERT Class XII Chemistry
Chapter - The p-Block Elements
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Question : 2
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Nitrogen has a unique ability to form pπ pπ multiple bonds withitself and with other elements having small size and high electronegativity.Consequently, its bond enthalpy is very high and reactivity is less.Another factor which affects the chemistry of N is the absence ofd-orbitals in its valence shell. As a result, not only the covalency ofN is restricted to four, it can also not form dπ pπ bonds. P on the otherhand, does not form pπ pπ bonds and hence it only forms a P – P singlebond, which can easily be broken. Also, phosphorus has vacant d-orbitalsand can form dπ dπ bond with transition metals to form compoundswhich can act as ligands.
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